In 2017, I created my own tarot deck and accompanying guidebook, The Green Mountain Witches Tarot. The guidebook uses the narrative structure inherent in the cards’ meanings (often archetyped as the Fool’s Journey or the Hero’s Journey) to explore alternative forms of storytelling.

The photographs featured on the cards use witch imagery to explore the intersections of gender and femininity.

Rather than detailed descriptions and meanings, the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana (the four suits) are used as story elements in a short story about a young witch finding her place and herself. A handful of keywords is also provided for each card for reference while doing readings.

The final portion of the guidebook presents the 22 cards of the Major Arcana (face cards) as a “cast” of characters from the story. Quotes from the models depicted on each card provide insight into the complexities of femininity, showing that there is no one right way to be feminine—whether you identify as female or not.

The deck and book were available for a limited time via an online pre-order campaign, which happily exceeding the set sales goals. Keep an eye out for upcoming multimedia tarot-based projects; but in the meantime, check out images of The Green Mountain Witches Tarot deck below…

photos by Abbie Stoner